BENKS Specially Design Paper Like Sketching Screen Protector For New IPad Pro 12.9


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Highest quality tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating. Premium quality, highly durable, and scratch- resistant. Precision engineered for touch and swiping. Bubble-free engineered to adhere to your phone screen seamlessly, leaving no bubbles

Brand Name:  Benks
Material:  TPU
Type: Paper Like Sketching Screen Protector
Color: Transparent
Compatible Model: New IPad Pro 12.9
Compatible Brand: I Pad


  • Papaer-Like Professional Sketching Film: When apple pencil come across with paper-like screen protector, magically turns screen into paper.
  • Writing, sketching or drawing feels like on papaer, working in paperless era without loss the papaer feeling.
  • Authentic writing feeling
  • Anti-skid for stylus nib
  • Anti-Glare
  • Apple Pencil's Perfect Partner with the proper damping,apple pencil slides smoothly on the Ipad surface.
  • Screen Protector has born for professional sketching
  • Sketching Paper-like Friction:
  • Anti- Skid for stylus Nib
  • Every stroke slides smoothly under your control
  • Sensitivity Touching has Delineate every precise and beautiful line.
  • Real Sketching Paper Board familiar paper texture to record every surge of creativity
  • Anti-Glare with Suppress light reflection to enjoy sketching under the sun

Package included

  • 1 X BENKS Specially Design Paper Like Sketching Screen Protector For New IPad Pro 12.9
  • Accessory only, phone not included

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