LDNIO SK3662 Power Socket 3 Socket 6 USB 2M Plug


Dhs. 57


3 x Anti Static UK Power Socket 6 x 3.4A USB Output Fast Charging (17W) 2 Meter Power Cord with UK 3-Pin Plug On/Off Power Switch 750 Celsius High Flame Retardant (Certified ABS and PC Material) Phosphor Bronze Copper Sleeve Rubber Stand at the Bottom for Better Placement Rated Current 10A Rated Voltage 250 V Rated Power 2500W

Brand Name: LDNIO
Type:  3 AC SOCKETS With 6 USB
Model:  SK3662
Dimensions: 162 x 97x 38 mm
Color: Black
Cable length: 2M
USB interface: 6
Rated power: 2500W MAX 250V*10A
Rated voltage: AC 100V~250V


  • Modern stylish look, with exquisite workmanship 
  • Multi-functional power strip for all kinds of digital products
  • Equipped with 3 anti-static AC sockets and 6 intelligent USB charging ports, bringing great convenience
  • 6 USB ports can intelligently recognize USB peripherals such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., and automatically allocating current
  • Power switch button design, one-key easy control

Package included

  • 1 x SK3662 Power Socket 3 Socket 6 USB 2M Plug

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