IDMIX ZISION D2 Mushroom Lamp

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The lampshade is made from European PC that's even light dispersion, that’s exceptionally soft to the touch and environmentally friendly. IDMIX nursery lamp emits a warm and soft light (Natural Light 2800k), avoiding blue tones that could hurt the eyes with over brightness, high temperature or flickering. It can create an ideal sleep environment for your child as a children bedside light. out the baby night light, and press the top of the lamp softly (press it for 5 seconds while using for the first time) to turn it on, press again it will be powered off. Hold the base of the lamp, rotate the lampshade to the right direction slowly, the brightness of the lamp will brighten gradually; Rotate the lampshade to the left side slowly, the brightness of the lamp will dim gradually.

Brand Name: Idmix
Type: Night Lamp
Material: ABS Silicone
Model: Mushroom Lamp D2
Size: 65x65x74mm
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Output: 5V/2.4A
Charging time3-4 hours
Net Weight109G


  • Create the ideal sleep environment for your child
  • Turn on or off the light with a easy press.
  • The design of rotating can let you adjust to any brightness you want.
  • The best idea of a gift.

Package included

1 x Light USB line

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