Marvel Dolls Desktop LED 3D Lights - Black Panther

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This almost-magical 3D illusion lamp turns heads and gets you compliments!
Super bright LED lights, which never get hot and use little energy. 
Made of the highest quality materials, it can be placed anywhere in your home or commercial space as a decorative light. 

Voltage: DC 5 V
Built-in LED: light source
Type: Decoration Lamp
Design: Black Panther
Light color: Warm white
Lamp holder Material: Elm
Energy consumption: 0.3W


  • Best gift for your loved one.
  • The appearance is very cute and unique.
  • Shade material is made of acrylic
  • Average life is 5000 hours 
  • Super bright LED lights never get hot, making it perfect for children rooms

Note: Pull out plastic which is stick on glass.

Package included

1 x 3D Light

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